Sunday, February 20, 2011

What is paranormal

Everything unexplainable, of course! OK, maybe it's too much, but I think it is easier to say what can not be classified as paranormal. Everything explainable won't be paranormal. Personally, I can not classify mysterious places (Bermuda Triangle, Tunguska) and UFO phenomenon to paranormal, most of cryptozoological phenomena can't be classify as paranormal either (remember, "most"). Thank goodness there is a lot of space in our database so we will discuss these things on our website.

Most people when they hear "paranormal" they think of "ghosts" and "haunted homes". This is true of course, but is it everything? Nope, generally all types of ghost and spirit encounters can be classify as paranormal, yes - from home haunting (both intelligent haunts and residual haunting), ghostly apparitions and personal poltergeist activity (sometimes referred as "the noisy ghost" which isn't very true in most cases), to encounters with Banshee and The Grim Reaper, Doppelganger and Vardoger phenomena too. All kinds of psychic abilities like psychokinesis, telepathy, remote viewing, as well as telepathy with animals and telepathy between siblings can be thrown into paranormal category as well. Unexplainable events in specific locations might be classify as paranormal, but in most cases it depends on person investigating. Good news is that classification in this case is very elastic :).

It is important to know that paranormal does not means "unexplainable at all', but "unexplainable at this time". The world "paranormal" itself might sound a little negative among some people, which is wrong, at least for me, because I'm using this word to describe events that can not be explained right now, and definitely need to be studied closer, while some people, mostly scientists and close-minded pseudo-skeptics can't even accept the possibility that the phenomena in question might be explained one day.

Now, why can't I classify UFO and Bermuda Triangle as paranormal? Both phenomena are mysterious indeed, yet... exactly - they're mysterious, extraordinary, but exept this, I really can't find anything paranormal.
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