Thursday, February 10, 2011

How To Become A Paranormal Investigator And Start Your Own Club

So many people have dreams of becoming a paranormal investigator but nobody ever follows them through. It's a fact that it would be very difficult to make a living out of paranormal investigation but it can be done. Starting your own paranormal investigation group could not only help you succeed with your dream but could be a very rewarding hobby. The top three things people need to think about when making a group are; where can I get business from? Where can I investigate? What will I need?

Where can I get people interested?

Finding like minded people can be a fairly difficult task, especially when you are dealing with hunting ghosts or searching for UFOs. That said, there are plenty of people in exactly the same situation as you. Try searching online for local paranormal groups, every town has one. Go along to a meeting and do some networking, tell the members that you are thinking about forming your own group. Advertise in your local newspaper or send flyers around your local area. You will be surprised at how many people would be interested.

Where can I investigate?

Ask around in your local area about hunted locations or areas where people have seen UFOs or anything of interest. I have no doubts whatsoever that somebody you know or a friend of a friend has had some kind of paranormal experience. Don't be afraid to ask people about their experiences, after ll, that's what being a paranormal investigator is all about. Once you have found a location then ask the owners if you can investigate with your team, if they say they want some money then offer them money and charge the members of your research group to come on the investigation.

What will I need?

Its nothing like ghost busters I can tell you that much! You don't need expensive equipment and fancy recording gear to conduct and investigation. Just a torch, camera, video recorder and some type of data recording software would suffice. The chances are people you know or even members of your paranormal investigation group will own something of use. Ask them to bring it along and let them have some money off for the night. People will be more than happy to help out if it means there will be more of a chance of seeing something.

Remember that a small local based paranormal investigation group is the first step to becoming a successful paranormal investigator. Once you have built up a reputation then more people will join and you will be able to expand. Remember to have fun, be patient and don't give up!

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