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Know the Shocking Unexplained Mysteries as Well as Paranormal Incidences at Profiling the Unexplained

As we all know that human beings are the most vital creation of God. They have the best intelligence in all living things and are considered as the one who are capable of doing anything. They are the most powerful creations on earth and rule the earth in almost all aspects. Thus it can be said that they can control everything with their intelligence but is it really right?

One cannot say that they can control everything as there are several paranormal incidences and various hauntings unsolved mysteries which prove this sentence wrong.

Several stories are still hidden in the heart of history. There are many hauntings unsolved mysteries which prove that there is something around us which is even more powerful than human beings. Several paranormal incidences took place in front of many people which compel us to believe that something invisible is there which is dominant and prevailing.

This online site has been given a name of ‘profiling the unexplained’ with a purpose to uncover several hidden secrets of the unknown world. The main reason of creating this online site is to make people familiar to several paranormal incidences and many hauntings unsolved mysteries.

This site contains several pages from which you can gain several information and knowledge on various aspects like paranormal incidences, information regarding UFO’s, various hauntings unsolved mysteries and several other hidden secrets which are not known to the world.

The incidences mentioned in these sites are true and will compel you to believe in the invisible world. The incidences mentioned on various pages of this site are not just stories; rather they contain some proof with them. This site can also provide you true unsolved crime cases. This site is very beneficial for the internet users as it include the cases or mysteries from all over the world and is not restricted to any one state or country.

You may question that internet is just like an ocean in which one can find several cases hidden mysteries and paranormal incidences then why should we opt for this particular site?

Your question is absolutely right but the answer to this question is that, this site is an ocean in itself for gaining information and knowledge about several paranormal incidences and different hauntings unsolved mysteries. Some facts are also included with the incidences so as to make it more real. This site also contains some evidences which work as a proof that all the incidences are true and not a single sentence is imagined by any human being.

This site is very much different from other online sites which just put any content to attract the net users. The motive of this online site is to uncover many hauntings unsolved mysteries and several paranormal incidences and to help people in knowing the truth of the invisible world. This site also provides several articles, posts and forums so that people can write their views on any particular incidence or topic.

These forums help the net users in writing enormous views on any topic so that other can easily judge the significance and truth of that particular topic. This site also facilitates the people with live chat so as to clear any doubts regarding any incidence or topic.

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wondering mysteriously about the paranormal aliens

Wonders, unsolved mysteries, aliens, UFOs and anything superhuman have always occupied popular imagination since ages. With reports on area 51, Brazilian government's official documents on existence of aliens and even alien abductions this is only getting more interesting. Well, enough has been discussed, argued and analyzed on many websites. But one obvious question would have come in every one's mind: Why most of the reports and sightings are from USA or just a few other countries? Why aren't there reports from countries like India? Is it a coincidence that such incidents don't happen in countries like India? Or is it that incidents in India are simply not reported because people are not aware what exactly happened?

Bhangarh in the state of Rajasthan is one of the most haunted places in India. The story goes like this: the charm of Princess of Bhangarh Ratnawati was matchless in the entire state. In the same region there also lived a tantrik (a magician using black magic) named Singhia who was desperately in love with the princess. One day, he saw the princess' maid in the market buying scented oil for the princess. He used his black magic and put a spell on the oil which would hypnotize the princess by her mere touching the oil and she would immediately walk towards the tantrik. But when princess got the oil, she threw it on the block of a stone as she had seen the tantrik eying the oil. As soon as the oil touched the stone, the stone started rolling towards the tantrik Singhia and crushed him. While dying, Singhia cursed the palace that there will be such an incident that everybody in the palace would die and their souls will stay there for centuries without rebirth. The very next year there was a battle between Bhangarh-Ajabgarh and no one survived in the battle or in the palace, not even princess Ratnawati. The ghosts of royal family have been haunting the place since then. There is a board put up by Government of India which prohibits people from roaming in the fort premises after 06PM.

Taj Mahal in India is famous for being part of the Seven Wonders of the World and as a symbol of love. The Mogul Emperor Shah Jahan in the memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal is said to have built the Taj Mahal. It was built in 22 years (1631 to 1653) by 20,000 artisans brought to India from all over the world. Many people believe Ustad Isa of Iran designed it." This is what your guide probably told you if you ever visited the Taj Mahal. This is the same story I read in my history book as a student in India. But there is also another school of thought saying, Taj Mahal well existed even before Mumtaj was dead, and it was build by Hindu Rajput kings'. Many of the structures of Taj Mahal show Hindu architecture. No one has ever challenged it except Professor P.N. Oak, who believes the whole world has been duped. It is not Mumtaj's tomb but an ancient Hindu temple palace of Lord Shiva (then known as Tejo Mahalaya).

Then comes the mysterious stone at Shivapur. Shivapur, a small town 180 Km far from Mumbai is not known for its green pastures or Sugarcane fields but for this mysterious and intriguing stone which lies near a dargah. The stone hardly weighs 70 Kg but cannot be lifted normally. It can only be lifted by 11 people and that too with their index fingers. Intriguing right..?? But its true...and it has been lying there for decades..!! People who tried to lift it in other ways failed miserably. Recently, a Japanese team examined this stone for over a week but went back not being able to conclude anything. And the Japanese media published widely about this stone. So what exactly is going on? Who is behind this? Let's have a look at its past to understand things...A few years back, there was a boy named ‘Kumar Ali' born in a middle class Muslim family. By the time he was 6 years old, he stated learning from a religious teacher. Ali was always in deep meditation and fasting. People started believing that he was born with mystical powers and started worshipping him. Ali died at a very early age. But before he died, he wanted to convey to the humanity, the essence of impartial love to mankind irrespective of caste and creed. He wanted to show that materialism can't stand in front of spirituality.

He told his brother..." Place a cylindrical stone near my grave. Only 11 people chanting my name can lift this stone with their index fingers to a height of 6 feet. People trying in other ways cannot lift it more than 2 feet high." and left for the heavenly abode. Since then, the stone has been lying there puzzling people over decades. Many a scientist tried to interpret the physical and scientific basis of the happenings but in vain. Ali's grave became a dargah and attracts thousands of people every year. People visiting the dargah lift the stone in groups of 11 with their index fingers effortlessly thus getting the taste of heavenly power. And the bottom line is "The stone remains there with all its pride having recorded its name in the top 10 unsolved mysteries of India."

Then comes the mystery of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, one of the top leaders in the Indian freedom movement. Officially, Bose is said to have died in a plane crash on his way to Burma August 18th, 1945. But there are many reports of he being alive many years after the crash. One version says he spent the rest of his life as a monk in an ashram at Kolkata. One version says he was kidnapped by someone and eventually died in exile. One version says he lived in Varanasi. The bottom line is that two questions remain unanswered till date. 1) Was Bose alive after the crash? 2) If it all he was alive, how would a man with such following and probably the Prime ministerial candidate (post independence) escape public eye?

The incidents narrated above testify the fact that India or for that matter any other country is not alien to such happenings. Our group of UFO enthusiasts found enough sightings in India. The reason we feel that these incidents have been ignorant or dormant is that they are not publicized or to put it in other way, there is no proper platform for people to discuss about these. Here comes to fill the gap. Sector21 is a place where UFO enthusiasts and intellectuals from various corners gather to discuss, argue and analyze topics from intriguing and unsolved mysteries to alien and UFO sightings.


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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Are Murder Victims Ghosts? By Cherokee Billie

The answer is sometimes. Murders that go unsolved often leave the victim (ghost) with the desire for the truth to come out. They want closure for their family and friends. They want to move on into the spirit realm, but feel they cannot until their murderer has been identified and received Karmic or judicial punishment.

When a murderer has been caught immediately, it allows the spirit of the victim to be released and ascend into the spirit world. This is the big difference between solved and unsolved murders. As a psychic medium I have been communicating with the deceased for many years. Most of the people who contact me just want to know how their loved one is and if they have any messages for them. Over the years I have had several individuals' contact me who wanted to know how their loved one died and who did it. This is not always an easy task. Sometimes the murdered spirit comes quickly and communicates a great deal of information. Other times the spirit cannot tell what happened because it happened quickly or the memory of the event has left them. Many things get tangled for spirits because they are living between two different dimensions. A part of their spirit is still connected to our world and another part is connected to the spirit world.

Perhaps you have seen movies where the spirit cannot understand that they are dead or that they are waiting to identify the killer. So much of these movies are really based on spiritual truth. We do not get instant knowledge when we pass into the spirit world. There are also ghost hunter television programs where they offer information about victims in haunted houses and historical places. Many spirits remain on battlefields still fighting the other spirits.

One year ago I was contacted by a lady whose son was 31 years old and ruled a suicide by the police. She could not accept this because he was a happy content man and she had just seen him that day and he was fine. She asked me if I could channel his spirit, so she could ask questions about that day. After a few minutes I was able to connect with his spirit and he told her that he did not kill himself and gave identification about who had killed him. He was not able to answer every question that she asked, but apparently it was sufficient information for her. She took the information I got and contacted a private detective who started investigating all of the police findings. It turned out that many of the things that I had received in the trance medium state had been accurate. How I know is a year later she contacted me again and told me about the help the messages had been for her about his murder. She wanted me to ask her departed son more questions and I asked if she could send me any and all photographs of the crime scene. She did.

I told her that I wanted a few days to study these pictures and see what messages came through. As soon as I got the pictures I telephoned her and said," Isn't it interesting to see where the bullet hole went in." She said, "What are you talking about?" I told her that it was quite obvious that it was a bullet hole and gun powder around the hole in the photograph. Once I pointed it out to her she was shocked that all of these police and detective people never noticed this. She had not either. "I cannot enlarge this picture. Is it possible you could send it again or have somebody else send it to me." She had her grandson send the pictures to me again. One picture was particularly unusual because it was where her son was murdered and it was not a pleasant picture because it had blood and brain tissue all over the wheel of his truck. What confused me was of all the pictures there was one where a man was standing at the base of this wheel. It was impossible for anyone to stand in this position. I begin to dream about these pictures over the next week. At last we had our channeled session together. My first question to her was about the picture of the man at the wheelbase. She said, "There is no picture with a man in front of the tire wheel. What are you talking about?"

We were both on the internet together and I said, "Let me send this picture to you so you can see what I am talking about."

I sent the picture to her and she said, "I don't see anybody in this picture I only see the wheel."

Dumbfounded, because I could clearly see a man right next to this wheel, which I knew would be impossible for anyone to be standing by. I decided to try a different way to send the picture. Once again I sent the picture. "Cherokee Billie I don't see anything here other than the wheel," she stated.

"Let me describe this man to you." I told her. "He has on a black tee shirt and has short straight reddish brown hair and I can only see a quarter of his face and body."

"Oh my god that's exactly how my son looked." I could tell that she was crying at this point. "Why can't I see him and you can?"

"I believe he is indicating what I have always said that this is where the gunshot went into the wheel. He seems to be acknowledging that to me as I speak. There's no way someone could be in this physical position at the bottom of a tire wheel. Again he wants you to know he did not kill himself. I wish you could be here in front of my monitor and see what I am seeing."

"I wish I was there too." She said. She then went on about the rest of the photographs that were taken at the scene of the crime and asked about different people in the photograph. Her son communicated that the two killers were there in the photograph and which ones they were. I had received information in our last channeled session that he was killed because of a connection on the internet. He had videotaped his monitor of what he was seeing just before he was killed. I have requested that she send this videotape to me because it's possible that I will see or hear something that she cannot. I know that the answers I have given her have helped not only her have connection with her son, but it has helped the investigation.

This is one of the most fascinating changelings I have ever done. I have received information from murder victims before and it has helped their family, but this one keeps getting a wider scope and seems to be more complicated than the others which were usually murders over jealousy or random acts of violence.

So as you can see from these sessions murder victims can often communicate about what happened as best they can. They want to do this so that their spirit can transcend completely into the spirit world.

There are some exceptions where the spirits want to stay because they cannot accept their death. These are the ones that need to be helped pass into spirit and not stay trapped. There are ways to do this as I have learned over the years.

If you ever encounter a ghost realize they might have something to say and if you listen you may be able to help. Not all ghosts are violent and often they are just looking for someone to acknowledge them. Just because they have died does not mean that they have completed what they needed to do or say before going into the light. You may be the one that helps them transcend completely into the light.

~ Great men are they who see that the spiritual is stronger than any material force. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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