Thursday, November 29, 2007

Superfast laser kills Viruses

A physicist, biologist and son destroyed a common virus with a vibrant super lasers, but not healthy cells. The discovery could lead to new therapies for the treatment of viruses such as HIV, which are not healing.

"We have a technique, using a laser to seduce the vibrations of the armature of a virus and damage, so it will not be the` more operational, "said Kong Tsen, professor of physics at Arizona State University. "We are testing again on HIV and hepatitis now."

Tsen Shaw and his son-Wei Tsen, pathology students at the Johns Hopkins University, came to the idea while strolling in the park, and the need for antiretroviral therapy, beyond vaccination . Tsen Senior experimented with ultra-long laser pulses (universal service), devices increasingly outside of physics.

Raydiance, a manufacturer of laser USP, has signed a contract with the FDA in July to explore laser therapies. How Wired News reported in the year, an official estimate from the FDA, it could be cent for medical applications USP Laser, Laser eye of the cell treatment by the removal of the tumor cells.

In the latest research, and his son Tsen showed that their techniques laser could destroy the protein shell or Kapside, mosaic virus tobacco, and leaves only harmless mucus hardening of molecules.

The laser is broken, Kapside low power consumption: 40 times lower, in fact, that energy, that the human T lymphocytes damage. Other types of radiation, such as ultraviolet rays, to kill microbes produce, but would harm human cells.

The virus can disable laser operates on the principle of resonance forced behalf. Scientists agree the laser on the same frequency, the virus vibrates. Then, until the crank to reduce the volume. Since much ohrenzerrei├čende his shaken the glass vibrates lasers, the virus until it breaks.

Lasers USP Releases energy Femtosekunden-Pulsen -- millionth of a nanosecond -- for a while.

"The extremely short pulses to the creation of a physical effect that the traditional lasers, and other types of approaches makes laser` t do, "said Scott Davison, president of the USP Venture Backed laser Raydiance. "What we are seeing is a new wave of exploration and discovery in implementing USP in a range of sectors and applications."

Unlike meat blow in laser surgery laser USP Don `Umsatzesaus much heat. Tsen said, the technique could be useful for the immediate removal of viruses in the blood in blood banks. Some viruses, such as HIV, have a window in which it is very difficult to detect.

"This technique is very useful to disinfect all viruses, known and unknown, Tsen said." That would be the very safe blood transfusion. "

The Tsens `success of the technology has been in test tubes. It must be examined in animals and then humans. Salaries are even further in the future. But with more walks in the park, everything seems possible.

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