Friday, December 7, 2007

Nazca Lines

Nazca lines are the outstanding group of geoglyphs in the World. Deep within the surface of the desert sand Pampa approximately 300 hundred pieces from straight lines, geometric forms and images of animals and birds, and their structures are clearly visible only from the air.
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Image Placemark Location: longitude: -75.18786894045414, latitude: -14.72050199914096
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There are three mysterious aspects to Nazca Plateau
Satellite image of the Nazca Plateau (CLICK on the image to enlarge)
First, the straight lines, many miles long, across sectors of the pampas in all directions (see photo above). Many of the headlines seem to be random and have no pattern to them.
Secondly, many of the lines forming geometrical figures: angles, triangles, grapes, spirals, rectangles, wavy lines, etc. Other lines are converging with concentric circles, or from a headland. Other sheets are "roads" as geometric surfaces and appear to have large groups of the population.
Third, many lines form animal patterns.
Could these geoglyphs are portraits of the ancient animal gods or patterns of constellations? Are they roads, Stern hands, perhaps even a giant card? If the people who lived here before 2000 years had only a simple technique, how did they manage, the more accurate figures? Have a plan? If this is the case, the ordained? It seems so otherworldly. To the Nasca lines created by the elimination of desert rocks, the sand under the pale pink visitors have proposed that all conceivable explanation of runway for spaceships on track for the athletes, op art, pop art, astronomical observations.

It is assumed that the geoglyphs were of a people, the Nasca - but why and how these wonders of the World defied explanation.

As much as the lines awe us, we are equally amazed at the imagination of people who have tried to explain it.