Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mysterious object Belmez!

In belmez de Los Angeles moraleda, Spain, sits in the Pereira family home, scene of the strange events that have lasted for more than 30 years. The events that began in 1971 when Maria Gomes Pereira seen strange to form burner of her kitchen. It looked like a human face, so that Maria's husband took Ax and destroyed burner, and it was planted with new cement. A week later appearing in the new floor. The family asked the city council to investigate and after weeks of digging a hole and found containing human bones under the direct burner. The pit was filled and developed new burner, but within weeks more faces began to emerge again. Whatever the Pereira family tried to destroy them, and the object returned. For thirty years the faces have visited by scientists, researchers and countless television crews. It is believed many of the faces were faked and that has been painted. But a thorough examination of the burner that showed the faces were painted cement instead of the highest. This seemed to prove that the phenomenon is real and one of scientists announced that it was "without doubt the most important Paranormal phenomenon of this century."