Friday, February 25, 2011


Lots, lots, lots of objects surroundin´ the Discovery Shuttle!!! Poppin´ in the screen from everywhere!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

What is paranormal

Everything unexplainable, of course! OK, maybe it's too much, but I think it is easier to say what can not be classified as paranormal. Everything explainable won't be paranormal. Personally, I can not classify mysterious places (Bermuda Triangle, Tunguska) and UFO phenomenon to paranormal, most of cryptozoological phenomena can't be classify as paranormal either (remember, "most"). Thank goodness there is a lot of space in our database so we will discuss these things on our website.

Most people when they hear "paranormal" they think of "ghosts" and "haunted homes". This is true of course, but is it everything? Nope, generally all types of ghost and spirit encounters can be classify as paranormal, yes - from home haunting (both intelligent haunts and residual haunting), ghostly apparitions and personal poltergeist activity (sometimes referred as "the noisy ghost" which isn't very true in most cases), to encounters with Banshee and The Grim Reaper, Doppelganger and Vardoger phenomena too. All kinds of psychic abilities like psychokinesis, telepathy, remote viewing, as well as telepathy with animals and telepathy between siblings can be thrown into paranormal category as well. Unexplainable events in specific locations might be classify as paranormal, but in most cases it depends on person investigating. Good news is that classification in this case is very elastic :).

It is important to know that paranormal does not means "unexplainable at all', but "unexplainable at this time". The world "paranormal" itself might sound a little negative among some people, which is wrong, at least for me, because I'm using this word to describe events that can not be explained right now, and definitely need to be studied closer, while some people, mostly scientists and close-minded pseudo-skeptics can't even accept the possibility that the phenomena in question might be explained one day.

Now, why can't I classify UFO and Bermuda Triangle as paranormal? Both phenomena are mysterious indeed, yet... exactly - they're mysterious, extraordinary, but exept this, I really can't find anything paranormal.
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Medium's Methodology: Balancing Scientific and Spiritual Methods of Paranormal Research

When I do a walkthrough, during a paranormal research, of a location, I give information as it's coming to me but also keep in mind the instruments my team members are using that may be able to capture and/or measure information validating the impressions I am getting. Remembering this during paranormal investigation is not only a good way to validate experiences from a medium stand point, but also helps the team in capturing possible evidence.

A big part of the mediums job during a paranormal investigation is knowing when to speak and when to remain silent, regardless of what may be coming through at the moment. If the team is in the process of an EVP (electronic voice phenomena) session for example or trying other forms of communication through scientific methods, it's important to learn to wait and take a mental note of what you are feeling at that moment. and share it with the team at an appropriate time. This is to not only ensure the balance of the paranormal investigation, but also that even in the role of a medium you are helping the technical side by not getting in the way so to speak.

It would be a disservice to everyone if a medium just walked through a location talking the entire paranormal investigation disregarding the roles of his/her teammates. Just as it would be if the scientific side was to disregard their spiritual tools which can provide insights and information as well. Some teams have trouble finding this steady balance or choose to not use mediums at all, while other just seem to "click" naturally using all methods. Finding the right team to work with is important, and it can take some time, practice, and learning from one another on how to be the most efficient. Most importantly, everyone should feel equally involved in a paranormal investigation regardless of role.

Another great asset in having a medium as part of a paranormal investigation team is having one experienced in helping spirits to cross over, or can perform a blessing/cleansing if needed or requested. Especially in handling residential cases when most often a family is frightened and not sure what to do, which is why the call upon an investigation group to help in the first place. Even if the team captures scientific evidence for the client to review, what is really being done to help other then validating the family's claims? This is where the spiritual side of a team comes into play as well, providing not only information, but also a solution to the haunting.

On the flip side, I feel it is extremely important for mediums involved in paranormal research to be well versed in the scientific methods and uses of different instruments. Cross training mediums not only makes them an asset in being able to pick up instruments and help in scientific investigating. But also gives them a better knowledge of what his or her teammates are doing and what indicators they are looking for. A deep understanding of everyone's role and method of research is the key to success. I personally, find the use of scientific tools to be fascinating and enjoy going over evidence with the eye of a sceptic. It helps keep our field honest, and mediums should take part and become experienced in all avenues of paranormal investigation.

This is a brief overview of what I feel are great mind sets and methods for mediums as well as others, to insure a paranormal investigation has a healthy balance of spiritual or scientific aspects of research. When individuals performing various duties work in unison as a cohesive team, the outcomes are most often a smooth and wonderful paranormal investigation with all goals being achieved.

-Medium Renso Ryokan

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

How To Become A Paranormal Investigator And Start Your Own Club

So many people have dreams of becoming a paranormal investigator but nobody ever follows them through. It's a fact that it would be very difficult to make a living out of paranormal investigation but it can be done. Starting your own paranormal investigation group could not only help you succeed with your dream but could be a very rewarding hobby. The top three things people need to think about when making a group are; where can I get business from? Where can I investigate? What will I need?

Where can I get people interested?

Finding like minded people can be a fairly difficult task, especially when you are dealing with hunting ghosts or searching for UFOs. That said, there are plenty of people in exactly the same situation as you. Try searching online for local paranormal groups, every town has one. Go along to a meeting and do some networking, tell the members that you are thinking about forming your own group. Advertise in your local newspaper or send flyers around your local area. You will be surprised at how many people would be interested.

Where can I investigate?

Ask around in your local area about hunted locations or areas where people have seen UFOs or anything of interest. I have no doubts whatsoever that somebody you know or a friend of a friend has had some kind of paranormal experience. Don't be afraid to ask people about their experiences, after ll, that's what being a paranormal investigator is all about. Once you have found a location then ask the owners if you can investigate with your team, if they say they want some money then offer them money and charge the members of your research group to come on the investigation.

What will I need?

Its nothing like ghost busters I can tell you that much! You don't need expensive equipment and fancy recording gear to conduct and investigation. Just a torch, camera, video recorder and some type of data recording software would suffice. The chances are people you know or even members of your paranormal investigation group will own something of use. Ask them to bring it along and let them have some money off for the night. People will be more than happy to help out if it means there will be more of a chance of seeing something.

Remember that a small local based paranormal investigation group is the first step to becoming a successful paranormal investigator. Once you have built up a reputation then more people will join and you will be able to expand. Remember to have fun, be patient and don't give up!

To download professional pranormal investigation software then visit:
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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Paranormal Photography 101

Easily one of the most misunderstood and often misinterpreted aspects of paranormal research is paranormal photography.

While it is important to utilize a still frame camera in a paranormal investigation, it is also easy to misuse it or misinterpret the images it captures. In spite of this, the camera is a valuable piece of equipment for the paranormal investigator for documenting the investigation or possibly capturing an excellent paranormal image.

Cameras come in different types with lots of different features. There is the conventional film camera which uses film requiring processing and the digital camera which places a digital image stored on a memory card for viewing on a computer or directly from the camera. The advantage of the film camera is that while the pictures are superior and it provides a negative which can be used to determine the authenticity of the image, the processing of film can be very expensive. Digital cameras have become more popular in the paranormal field but because of the availability of photo imaging software such as Photoshop and others, manipulating images is far too easy and it is because of that the investigator's pictures will always be brought into question using a digital camera. So as you can see, the paranormal investigator has to decide what is important in choosing a camera.

Shooting pictures during a paranormal investigation is important and should be common practice for any good paranormal team. Sadly though, a search on the internet for paranormal websites will reveal numerous websites filled with images of supposed paranormal activity. What many of these paranormal investigators fail to understand is that due to the complexities and inner workings of a camera it is easy to take a an image that is misinterpreted for paranormal activity. It may be something as simple as lighting, photographer error, shutter speed, or some natural occurrence like dust, moisture in the air, or something blocking the lens like a strap or the even photographer's finger that was captured. Too little light, too much light, a slow shutter speed, improper camera settings, bugs flying by the camera, a camera strap in the lens, cigarette smoke, or dust and rain drops can all produce what appears to be a paranormal anomaly. It happens all too frequently.

Taking good pictures is a skill that takes time to acquire. Some paranormal investigators have even taken photography classes at their local community college to improve their photography skills. This can be very helpful in becoming a better paranormal investigator and photographer.

In spite of the dilemmas of photography, it is still possible to capture a very good paranormal image, but the paranormal research team should be cautious in deciding which pictures actually show something paranormal and not be quick to present it to others as such unless absolutely sure it is worthy of being presented. Pictures of orbs should especially be scrutinized because of the numerous causes of orbs in pictures such as dust and moisture in the air.

It may a good idea to get several opinions or even seek the assistance of an experienced photographer or another paranormal investigator to get a second opinion. The other option is to present it and let the viewer decide for themselves if it is paranormal; as long as you tell the viewer that prior to showing it to them.

For more information on paranormal photography, the author recommends the book "Picture Yourself Capturing Ghosts on Film" by Christopher Balzano. This well-written book provides step-by-step instructions on documenting the paranormal with photography and video and is an excellent beginner's guide to securing photo evidence of the paranormal. It also includes interviews with experts in the field, a "how to" DVD, and provides information on choosing the right camera. This book is an excellent resource for any paranormal investigator and a great addition to their library.
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