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Spirit, Mind & Body : No Self

A key component of the New Age which many people prescribe to is the belief that our planet and its population are literally moving into a New Age. This New Age is one of awakened consciousness where people give up their limited third-dimensional survival mode of existence and awaken to a higher, more enlightened world.
This coming New Age is an era of harmony, progress, knowing, and enlightenment.

Andrew Lutts

Introduction: basic concepts

* Spirit
Animation or a key principle kept to life physical organisms, or the intangible intelligent sentient part of a person

The intangible nature, animating principle, or cause the exercise of an individual life, the spiritual principle embodied in human beings, all rational and spiritual beings, or the universe

The element or complex elements in the view that an individual perceives, thinks, wants, and above all, for reasons the conscious mental events and functions in the organism, which organized conscious and unconscious mental activity an adaptive organism

About or complexes or with complete systems rather than with the analysis, treatment, or cutting into parts (holistic medicine attempts to both the mind and the body)

The New Age Movement

The New Age movement means different things for different people.
But almost all the New Age topics have a basic underlying theme:
Personal spiritual development. Every day there are thousands and thousands of people around the world who are waking up to the knowledge, understanding and recognition of who they really are, where they came from and why they are here. This collective transformation of individuals can be described as the New Age movement. As a whole, the New Age movement is dynamic, fast growing and gaining momentum. The New Age movement is the framework and the tools to help people with their own personal growth and spiritual development.

The New Age movement itself is a little paradoxical, because the organization in a kind of "movement" could serve as contrary to the principles of individual spiritual development. Therefore, there is some confusion about the meaning of the New Age, because it may mean that different things to people. But that's okay. It is important that each individual starting gun for their own way of learning, adventure and discovery.

New Age and metaphysics

The New Age is closely linked with some of the concepts defined in the branch of philosophy commonly known as metaphysics. Although the academic branch of metaphysics is very concerned about the nature of ultimate reality, popular themes often metaphysical discussion and analysis of issues beyond the physical third dimension. Some examples of the metaphysical topics include: energy, the experience of the body, UFOs, psychic phenomenon, alternative healing, and other issues that our conventional science find difficult to explain.
New Age and religion

While it may be spiritual, the New Age is far from a formal religion. In fact, many New Agers rather shy away from the structure and traditional religious practices. But at the same time, the New Age and can be intensely spiritual. The New Age person often prefer a direct spiritual experience and not as an organized religion.

All religions are essentially cultural institutions, which the cultures, which are manifest. This growth in the number of people exploring New Age topics would suggest that as individuals and as a society, we are prepared to alternative explanations of who we are. The New Age is simply a way to choose the path of spiritual growth. It plays a role that small label, we are on the way, because at the end of all paths eventually converge at the same location. Everyone is in search of the eternal truths of life on some of the most difficult issues, it is simply the way that people will choose to have their own search, which is different. One reason the New Age Trail is popular is that there is more to the ultimate truth itself, rather than the process, as they come.

Common New Age beliefs

Here is an unofficial list of the conviction that some people in New Age May have in common:

1 Create your own reality and destiny. This is a planet of free choice, and you have your own free will.

2 They have some challenges to face in this life to be overcome. If you do not learn your lessons, this time, you'll get them again.

3 There is no such thing as coincidence.

4 There is more to life than meets the eye, much more.

5 Nothing really counts in this life, unless it is done for the benefit of others.

6 We are not alone.

7 We are multidimensional beings with a human experience.

8 We are all more help, as we know, angels, spirit guides, rose masters, and others.

9 We can heal ourselves, our society and our world.

10 The ultimate transformation for humanity is Ascension.

New Age Tools

A study of the instruments of the New Ager can help to the task in hand. A person may also crystals, candles, incense, tarot, runes, spherical, body work, meditation, muscle building and chants, drums and more. These tools can help a person on whom in various states of consciousness, and ultimately help a person in itself to watch for in the understanding and awareness. One reason that there are so many different tools to support the New Ager is that different people have different values in each instrument. For many, the tarot works well. Others, such as crystals. Others meditate or channel. It plays a role in how to achieve something greater understanding and wisdom. What is the most important thing is that an attempt is made to overcome our limitations and try to a higher good.

Free will versus Destiny

This philosophical question is one of the more curious contradictions in the study of metaphysics and free will:

Metaphysicians Some would argue that a rational universe is always based on cause and effect. This means that any effect is a cause, all the way back to the first cause, namely God or the Divine.

On the other hand, the act of pure, genuine and free will not cause is somehow to deny the divine rational order and make the universe appear irrational.

My interpretation: Although some things may occur in one's life that may destiny, we have free will. This is important. And as time goes by, our ability to things and situations manifest will be accelerated so fast that we see that we can create and manifest results quickly and easily. For me, if we can make such changes, which means that we have, in fact, the free will.

New Age and science

Many people feel that the new era is simply not thinking rationally. Traditional models often include scientific observation, analysis, test and measurement technology. Often, these things are not easy to metaphysical and paranormal phenomena. So how can anyone believe in something they can not even see, measure, quantify and analyze?

It is a question of faith, and often a deep inner knowledge. It is intuition and trust. They are listening. It is a whole series of things that are not currently within the scope of accepted scientific thought.

The important thing to remember is that the new era of faith not reject science. Modern science has tremendous good to our society in many ways. New age beliefs extend beyond simply accepted thinking in the exploration and search for life's eternal truths.

Source: Andrew Lutts